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The project started from the reality of some serious situations of social distress that involve the wide world of children without families of the Republic of Moldova. 
The purpose of the project intends to improve  the quality of life of vulnerable children, institutionalized in an orphanage (internat) of the city of Chisinau. In particular priority will be given to teenage children (15/16 years) at the end of their compulsory education and next to a life of its own, outside of the host institution. 
The project seeks to develop a series of actions in order to accompany teenager, who grew up in an orphanage for years, with no family ties, for a new future life in society by promoting the development of psycho-physical, emotional and relational qualities. 
A housing structure will be implemented in a rural setting, suitable to accommodate children (not exceeding ten in number) and a family educator, specially selected to fulfill the best role for the creation of the new household. 
This home, new residential accommodation for children, will be joined by a series of residential and rural modules, useful for the development of a number of occupational activities, with specific reference to the rehabilitation process, however, expected from the project, for children living here. 
The house, located in a rural area, will essentially help to develop a friendly atmosphere to rediscover the values ​​of the ancestral land and its rich peasant traditions of the Moldavian people. Children, therefore, will be invited to choose a secondary school education, suited to their new living environment, focusing on areas related to the sphere of human, plant and animal interests. In particular, in addition to education (the exclusive competence of the Moldavian public institutions), it will develop a fruitful series of manual activities, related to the proposed studies, to be held in facilities adjacent to housing.
High priority will be given to a particular way of education, involving respect and coexistence with the animal world, especially with the dog. 

It will therefore build, in an area near the house, also a suitable structure to receive, in proper conditions, a certain amount of stray dogs, satisfying in this sense the real and urgent need for intervention to solve the dramatic problem of strays dogs in the city of Chisinau (30,000 stray dogs estimated in the municipal area). 
The care and respect for dogs, as well as other animals in the new country house, will offer a valuable educational aid, which is essential to favor the correct model of social growth. The new house, therefore, will be treated as a modern educational farm with awareness and appreciation of all the fundamental ethical concepts of coexistence with the animal world and learn, in a direct form, the extraordinary variety of plant species of which the earth abounds in Moldova. 

The new structure, home / community / workshop, will also be used for the achievement of creative and productive activities, using and transforming, through traditional methods, the food and the fruits of agricultural labor in the household. Through new and experimental methodologies for the Republic of Moldova, will be developed including group and individual therapy for the treatment of psycho-physical deficiencies, making use of the assistance of dogs specially trained to carry out rehabilitation activities (AAA - AAT). 
Ultimately the project, in addition to guaranteeing a family type place to the children orphans living in institutions, aims to develop positive opportunities for growth, in harmony with the animal world and nature, also offering a chance for professional development of young people who, having developed strong personal qualities, will transform their life experience and appropriate education in a future profession. 
Besides the performance of the main goals in favor of teenagers, the project will also produce many other effects and, equally useful for a healthy social balance, establishing a good relationship with the animal world and the care and participation of pets, especially dogs, in various activities of recovery and psycho-motor rehabilitation for all vulnerable groups. 

The project started in March 9, 2010, and during the past year, have met all the steps and the objectives planned to be achieved. 

In particular: 
- Has selected the family that will act as responsible for orphans benefiting from the project; 
- Has purchased the land with a cottage where the family home will be built; 
- Has renovated the property allocated for the family housing; 
- Has begun the work construction of the second house where to live where teenagers; 
- Have selected some of the orphans adolescents who are qualified to benefit from the project purpose


This past March began the second year of the project that involved the following actions: 

- The final construction of the household; 
- The purchase of furniture and housing needs for the house;
- The inclusion of adolescents in the schools and support by granting scholarships; 
- The construction of the structure to use as a shelter for the dogs to be used for pet therapy; 
- Training of local staff (Moldova) on new rehabilitation techniques with the use of animals (Animal Therapy Assistant) 



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