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The project starts from the desire of the Association of Social Promotion Italia-Moldavia (ONLUS) to encourage and develop social and intercultural relations between the Province of Varese and the Republic of Moldova.
The intention, foreseen as one of the statutory purposes of the Association, is analyzed and designed through an unusual and unique way, using the promotion of the sport of cycling as a catalyst for socialization.
The project is motivated especially because of the extraordinary global sporting event to be held in Varese in the coming month of September 2008, an outstanding way of cycling promotion that can certainly make this sport develop also in countries such as the Republic of Moldova, where cycling has not assumed yet an educational and training value.
The involvement of students in the realization of the project, will also contribute to the spreading, in the younger age groups, of a strong awareness, which will be useful to encourage a greater integration of Moldovan citizens in our province. There will also be promoted geographical, historical and cultural knowledge about the Republic of Moldova, thus presenting to the students a detailed vision of the new Eastern European nationalities. The same linguistic Latin roots, a keen and secular sense of Roman, cultural affinities, are just some of many reasons that should lead us to regard the Republic of Moldova (and of course Romania, his real homeland) a friendly country which is deeply bounded to us.
The project will be realized during 2008, particularly during summer and autumn. Several initiatives are planned to be carried out both on the Moldovan territory and in the Province of Varese.
There will be identified three stages of the project implementation, absolutely together and interdependent, regarding the location of the events:

  1. To be held in the Republic of Moldova
  2. To be held in the Province of Varese
  3. To be held simultaneously in the Republic of Moldova and in the Province of Varese

In particular the project intends to propose:
1. A bike tour, departing from Municipality of Besozzo, to the distant Republic of Moldova (about 2,400 Km). The event will be solemnly celebrated and promoted by the contribution of the Communal Administration of Besozzo and by “Pro Loco di Varese”, which will organize an information booth in the city center, as a first symbolic step of a long bicycle trip. On this occasion, the “Pro Loco di Varese”, will deliver some gifts to be given to the Moldovan authorities, reflecting the common desire to promote solidarity and friendship relations with the people in Moldova.
The virtuous sportive act will be done by an enthusiast cyclist from Varese, that will run the way to the Moldovan border, where he will be symbolically escorted by a group of young amateur Moldovan cyclists to the city of Chisinau (which is the capital of Moldova). Governmental and official visits are planned with the municipal administration of the capital. The extraordinary athletic and sportive movement will be related and documented in a volume of the next edition which will be distributed mainly in schools of our province;
2. An art competition among the students of the School of Art from Chisinau (an Institution in course of twinning with the Art School of Varese) on cycling and an artistic exhibition exchange, in Varese and in Chisinau with the works created by students;
3. An exhibition of drawings, held in a public municipal hall of the Moldovan capital, made by students of the High School Dante Alighieri from Chisinau, which is  the only public school from Republic of the Moldova where is studied Italian language;
4. Distribution of informative materials and gadgets related to world cycling and the Province of Varese, near the city's schools;
5. Organization of a series of fun and sporting events on the cycling to be carried out in August in a summer camp for children, with the participation of voluntaries of the association.
Therefore, the project aims to highlight not only the sport aspects of cycling but also to emphasize the propedeutic value of this sport discipline for a proper and healthy growth of children with particular reference to the Moldovan children with diabetes mellitus.
The Association of Social Promotion Italia-Moldavia (ONLUS) has already an another important project of solidarity in the Republic of Moldova, which is in phase of realization and is supported and shared by the Province of Varese (Department of Social Policies), related right at the social – health problem caused by the disease of child diabetes.
On the territory of the Province of Varese will be organized initiatives and events designed to support planning purposes, even with the support and with the cooperation of the institutions and associations who share the spirit of solidarity of the project.
In particular, will be proposed:

1. An exhibition of works done by students of the School of Art "Sciusev" from Chisinau on the topic of cycling, to be realizd in the exhibition hall of the Artistic High School of Varese;
2. A photographic exhibition documenting the journey of the cyclist of Varese, in the Republic of Moldova;
3. The public presentation of the book (diary) and its spread in sensitive areas (cycling sports associations and schools)

All these events will be achieved by the contribution of the “Pro Loco di Varese”, the municipality of Besozzo, and the Association “Casa del Mondo” (ONLUS) (“House of the World”, NPO) of Varese, in addition to the State Artistic High School "Frattini" of Varese and other educational Moldovan institutions.

Bike trip to Moldova

On August 22, 2008 at 10 o'clock, after 14 days of travel that took him to cross no less than 6 countries: Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary and Romania, Gino Marelli has reached in bicycle Moldovan Territory, which was his final destination.
His arrival, initially scheduled for Saturday, 23 August, was announced two days earlier by a call made from Romania, from the city of Bacau, that was a Romanian penultimate stage of a long journey ended at approximately 15 o’clock in Moldovan capital – the City of Chisinau. Waiting for the cyclist with impatience, was the president of the Association Italia – Moldavia, originating from Besozzo, some volunteers of the NGO Foundation “Copilul” from Chisinau and a photographer who shot the first exciting moments of arrival.


Then some Moldovan amateur cyclists accompanied him on the way up to Chisinau. It was a great press attention, and national television given to the event. A television crew filmed the last few kilometers and then the channel PROTV made two reportages for the evening news (with international emission on the webI!).The next day, Gino Marelli started again his way in bicycle to reach, together with the volunteers of our association, a colony for orphan children located around the capital. There was a lot of great emotions and a lot of excitement to the encounter with the children, who were excited to meet him and ask him many questions about to the trip and his bicycle.

It was also organized a drawing concourse on the theme of cycling and as prizes our association offered two beautiful new bicycles.Here are the winning drawings and children who have made them together with Gino Marelli and the President of our association:

The delivery of bicycles to winners of drawing concourse:

Monday, August 25th at 8:30 am, Gino Marelli, together with the President of our association and leaders of NGO Foundation “Copilul”, was received officially by the Mayor of Chisinau - Dorin Chirtoaca, who praised him for his outstanding athletic sportive and supportive gesture. The Mayor also expressed his gratitude to Gian Luca del Marco for the work that the Association of Social Promotion Italia-Moldavia (ONLUS) is doing for good years concerning Moldovan children support. On 26 August 2008, Gino Marelli, full of beautiful memories and of touching emotions, embarked on a plane for the return trip in Italy, hopeful to be able to relive as soon as possible this unforgettable experience.

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